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Posted on: April 15, 2009 8:16 pm

Not Harden!!!

Wow, fellows.  I didnt have the luxaary of watching the game today but the end result was a LOSS.  Bummer man.  I am pissed.  I didnt know when the Cubs played today but all day I have been looking forward to watching or seeing the result.  Bummer man.  it was the first thing ti saw when i turned on the tv.  Harden only made it 3 innings!!!  Come on boy, we expect way more than that out of you.  We only produced 2 runs so I am left to speculate how  our offensive production was.  Our bull pen has been our thorn.  1 run compared to 4 means the bullpen busted Harden's a$$ today.  Bummer man.

 We have one more game to take the series.  We refuse ti loose a series,  Let's do it Cubs.


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Posted on: April 13, 2009 7:04 pm

Cubs home opener

Opening day at Wrigley Field is in the books now.  Cubs fans across America (the world for that matter) have "GO Cubs GO" stuck in their heads due to the first of many wins at home this year.  Last year we celebrated wins 55 times and so far this year we can still wish to go undefeated at home.  

Ted Lilly look wonderful which is nice after a shaky outing last week where he allowed 5 homeruns.  This week he allowed 2 hits and accumulated 8 strikeouts while allowing NO runs.  Atta boy Ted.  I am very happy with Fukudome, he is showing he is made of something.  I just want Bradley to come back soon (one week and already having to sit, typical).  With Bradley available, he can platoon with Fukudome while Fukudome platoons with Reed Johnson at center as well.  This combo can keep all three stars healthy and fresh all year.  FINALLY!!!  Derek Lee showed up for a game, after a horrid start to the regular season he came through today with a couple walks, 2 hits (one for extra bases I believe) and an always important RBI.  The Cubs have drawn 19 walks over the past two games.  With such a dominant offense, these guys sure are being patient.  They can all smack the ball yet they still keep their composure and draw walks.  

5-2 to start the season.  We are looking like we want to win the first 3 series.  If the bullpen would quit walking batters we would be smoking EVERYONE.  Go Cubs Go.


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